A Prayer for Manifestation of Abundance

Work with the prayer for 30 strait days

My Creator, I AM thankful with all my heart, soul, mind and intent for divine abundance manifesting through my personal fortune and success. I AM manifesting, recieving, accepting and allowing my divine abundance to completely permeate all parts of my Beingness on all levels, dimentions and through out all my aspects.


I AM Grateful to the Creator for this blessed prosperity.

I AM moving beyond fear and fulfilling destiny for me on Earth and beyond.

I AM open and recieving my joy, happiness, financial wealth, success, bounty, abundance, blessings, gifts, and grace. I AM fulfilling my services commitments.

I AM accepting my divine heritage right nw and thank you My Creator for the timely answer to this prayer. I Am so very grateful for the divine bounty.


And so it is


My beloved subconscious mind, I AM herby lovingly decreeing, comanding and acknowledging that this prayer is heard directly by My Creator, and it is sent along with all the vital force asking, manifesting and demonstrationg my intent in this prayer.


And so it is


Breath in the the prayer to My Creator through the Crown Chakra, Along with the arm Mudras (lift arms in a cup shape above your head visualize the abundance of blessings, and grace showering down upon you, all around you, and permeating and penetrating all parts of you Beingness all levels dimensions and aspect that you are), Wait ten to fifteen seconds then continue:

My Creator, the Rain of Blessings Is Falling On Me and soaking this Beingness all levels dimentions and aspects with Divine Bounty, Blessings, Gifts, Grace, Wisdom, Truth, Love and Light. I AM thankful and I AM sending you my gratitude.

Aho, Amen, and So It IS

Love and Light

Chris & Suzanne